Getting married in Spain legal requirements

20 julio, 2020 por Elite Bodas0

If you both live abroad and you are thinking of getting married in Spain, you are in the right place. Here we explain the steps to get legally married in Spain.

As wedding planners, we have organized many destination weddings among the years, and many cases came to us.

If neither of you are Spanish or have a two year residence certificate in Spain, don´t worry! People from abroad can legally get married in Spain by church.

Here we explain you the documents needed and steps:

The first step is to go to your catholic church to open the marriage file 6 months before the wedding day.

The documents usually required for getting married by church are:

  • ID´S photocopy and original of valid ID or passport in case you don’t have the residence permit.
  • Birth certificate of both of you, original and current (is usually valid only for 6 months).
  • Pre marriage courses certificate.
  • Single certificate and faith certificate.
  • Baptism certificate of both.

1- You have to do the pre-marriage courses in your corresponding church and start gathering all the documents that your church requires to open the marriage file.

2- 6 months before the wedding you can open the marriage file, which you have to open in your corresponding church bringing all the documentation required.

3- Once this marriage file is correct, it has to ben sent to the corresponding obischrip all translated to spanish by an sworn translator

4- When the obischrip receives your marriage file, they will review it and if everything is correct, the documents will be sent to the parish where the wedding will be held.

5- Once you have the religious ceremony in Spain, they give you the marriage file. You have to bring this marriage file to the civil registry for them to give you the family book.

We advise you to hire a wedding planner that helps you with all the tramitations in Spain. We will be very happy to help you.

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