«Everything one person can imagine, others can turn into reality« -Jules Verne.

Who are we?

Elite Wedding Planners is Spain’s premier wedding specialist and event organizer. It consists of a team of professional wedding planners specialized in the design and organization of fantastic weddings.

The team is managed by Vanessa Moreno, who has 10 years experience of wedding planning. All the non-Spanish/ mixed nationality weddings we organize are managed directly by Itziar our biliguall events manager. Their staff are wedding assistants with exemplary aptitudes and qualities.

Each of our wedding assistants has trained to a high level in several disciplines. This ensures they are able to advise our customers in an exclusive, professional and personalized way.

Why Elite wedding planners?

Your spanish wedding planners

At Elite Wedding Planners we enjoy doing our job. Each wedding we organize, we like to consider as our own. We involve ourselves to the maximum capacity in order to guarantee success on your wedding day.

Thanks to our international team, we understand the specific and cultural differences of mixed relationship marriages and we endevour to bring to life your dreams even if you live far away or if Spain is not your native country.

These touches make all the differences to our happy couples and to many of the guests too.

How do we work at Elite?

We will assign you a personal wedding planner who you will be able to contact at any time by mail, phone, Whatsapp, Skype, Viber…

They will help with all the necessary paperwork, coordination and budgets. They will help you design your wedding according to your taste, and will adapt to your requests to ensure you receive a perfect service.

Your wedding planner can adapt to your time zone, making it easy for you to chat whenever you need and fit around your work schedules in order to offer you a perfect service; Naturally, that same person will be with you on your special day, for any last minute requirements or needs.

She will be your partner, confident & friend if you need one here in Spain on the lead up to your wedding.

Why hold your wedding in Spain?

Spain provides a wide variety of places suitable for weddings and celebration.

We think the warmth and sun shine which characterize our country and its beautiful coast line allow us to offer you the best place to celebrate. We work all over Spain, and can provide our premium service in any district.

Spain also represents excellent value for money: Great food and wine at great prices & a party with a very flexible curfew, so your can enjoy partying to the “wee hours”. Also many of our couples live abroad and want to return to Spain for the wedding celebrations – with Elite Wedding Planners, you can relax in the fact that your Spanish wedding will turn out just as if you were here yourself!

When you take into account that modern families and friends often live far apart, you realize that many guests will have to travel far for your wedding. However, with low priced flights, excellent accommodation and delicious and good priced food, Spain is a great country to choose for your dream day.

You only have to imagine your wedding, and welcome us in to make it real.

  • Coastal resorts
  • Palaces and Spanish castles
  • Rural and open-air landscapes
  • Any theme you wish

Your Destination Wedding in Spain

If you are planning on celebrating your wedding in Spain and you don´t know how to start here is the solution

At Elite Wedding Planners you will find the professionals who will make your destination wedding the most memorable day for your guests and family.

For over 10 years, there has been a lot of couples living abroad who have trusted us in making their destination weddings in Spain the best experience of their lives.

Definitely, we will make that the destination wedding of your dreams come true.